The TF Sports 1955


It Takes Sheer Imagination To Create a Car like The 'TF Sports"

At AC we always have a total commitment to building and designing cars with imagination. The world's greatest showman, Barnum of Barnum & Bailey fame once said: "imagination is the spice of life and the seed of greatness."

The "TF Sports" was a dream. We dreamed of recreating the most beautiful car in the world. One that would capture the imagination and steal the hearts of all who saw it. One that would embody the collective and talent of our engineers and designers.

So began a painstaking and relentless pursuit to create the entirely hand-made precision- built "TF sports".

It was a commitment to time, to detail and to a dream.

The result was the magnificent "TF Sports".

The most beautiful car in the world.

The "TF Sports" Combines Nostalgia with Technology.

The "TF Sports" is a new statement of pride.

Pride of development, pride of manufacture, pride of uniqueness and ultimately pride of ownership.

The "TF Sports" will entice you for reasons that delight the mind and please the eye.

Emotions are stirred by the combination of yesterday's past and tomorrow's future.

Our dedicated and highly skilled tradesmen, have been assembling fine motor vehicles for 20 years and are continually striving for excellence and perfection.

Underneath each "TF Sports" are generations of automotive practicality.

What's more beneath the spectacular finish of high gloss curves is the work day reality of a standard motorcar. Unlike most modern cars the "TF Sports" has its own structural steel frame and chassis. Our componentry is chosen on efficacy first, and price second.

Traditional Elegance and Style With Uncompromising Engineering Excellence


The TF Sports has used the attractive appearance of the 1955 MG TF sports car as its base. To allow comfort and safety in the 1990s driving arena several subtle changes have been made, but none which compromise the overall beauty of the MG TF.

The TF Sports car is constructed on a professionally engineered and built ladder frame chassis using box section steel 100mm X 50mm as its main members. The strength of this chassis will withstand the strain of todays motoring and, while appearing to be overdesigned, offers passengers both comfort and safety. Side intrusion doors are standard items.

The suspension, running gear and braking systems are all Mazda Maita MX5, and this being unmodified offers the driver tried and true driving characteristics. All panels and parts are made in Auckland, New Zealand.

With the TF Sports being the same weight as the Mazda Miata MX5 the power to weight ratio are the same as the donor sports car.


Remember the TF Sports has "old world atmosphere" but the modern mechanicals gives the best of todays motoring.


As accessories we offer English burr walnut dashboard, leather upholstery, cut pile carpet plus many others.






Safety featuresof the TF 1955 SPORTS


1.       Side intrusion beams in doors.

2.       Frontal impact area built into chassis design.

3.       Colapsible steering column.

4.       Burst proof, double action, door latches.

5.       Burst proof door hinges.

6.       Car uses proven Mazda Miata MX5 design.

7.       Hi stop light standard.

8.       Modern turn indicators and tail lights.

9.       Split braking system.

10.   Interior crash protection.


The TF 1955 Sports is not a kitcar in the true sense of the word but is a SBV ( Semi Built Vehicle).

The total body is pre assembled, pre painted, and fastened to the custom made chassis. Complete with upholstery, dashboard, Instruments, etc.

In fact the only items missing are those required off the Mazda Miata MX5.The three exceptions being the windscreen glass, and seatbelts as each country seems to have different standards for them, although fastening points are provided. Also not provided are the headlights as we cannot source LHD ones in our RHD country.


All safety aspects of the existing T Car are covered in the all new TF, door side intrusion beams, burstproof door locks and hinges, collapsible steering column, split braking circuits, internal passenger crash protection, frontal impact area built into chassis, high tensile bolts used through out, and many others. In fact the only external difference you will see is that the car is slightly wider, which will provide more comfort for the driver and passenger.

Recognising the scarcity or nonexistence of the Vauxhall Viva or Holden Torana donor vehicle in some markets we are in the process of redeveloping the cars, T Car and Swallow, to accept the Mazda Miata MX5 mechanicals, 1989 to current.

All the Mazda parts are bolted straight on to the chassis and should take only a few days to complete, depending if a competent mechanic is assisting.

For the average home handyman it should take around 2 weeks, again depending on time available, and competence. (often called common sense)


The T Car is delivered to your nearest port with freight paid ( CIF ). You have to organise customs clearance and pay any taxes and any internal freight. ( our agents can arrange that for you )


Mazda Miata MX5 Parts needed for the TF include: -


Motor and Gearbox complete with engine mounts, engine mount caps, accelerator cable, all sensors and their plugs, airbox, computer and its wiring loom.

Steering column, complete with shroud, all switches, ign switch, all bolts and fasteners, all slide washers, all U/JTs and extensions, Steering wheel,

Headlight units, round variety only.

Side repeaters

Complete front suspension assembly, with all fasteners, bushes, steering rack, brake lines, etc.

Complete rear suspension assembly with all fasteners, bushes, brake lines.

Wheels and wheel nuts. Jack.


Battery, battery tray and hold downs, cables.

Windscreen wiper motor and its arms and boxes,

Windscreen washer system,

Handbrake and all its fasteners and cables,

Interior lights, misc. switches,

Seats and their slides and fastenings,

Fuel tank complete with all senders, pumps, check valves, hoses.

Heater and all its fastenings and hoses,

Pedals, pedal boxes, brake and clutch with all their fastenings, accelerator pedal.

Clutch m/c complete with all fastenings and lines,

Brake m/c and booster complete with all fastenings and lines,

Radiator fan, namely the engine one. Radiator hoses.



Exhaust system.


Petrol filter, carbon canister.

Interior mirror.

Hood bows and fittings



Items needed from after market suppliers.


One pair of headlamps 7 diameter.

Windscreen glass.


Things we need to know about your donor


Auto or Manual?

Colour of seats?

What colour do you require of carpets, Black or Tan?

What colour do you require of body. RED, CREAM, BRITISH RACING GREEN.


There are a few options when ordering the vehicle.


Wooden Gear Knob

Wooden Steering Wheel.

Leather trim.

Burr Walnut Dash

A colour range of Instruments.

Other Body Colours. Other colours available at additional cost.

Tow bar

After market computer, (easier to hook up than Mazda one, manual only)


Items from the donor car, which need modification


Hand bake cable needs shortening.

Driveshaft needs shortening.

Exhaust system needs alteration.

Wiper system needs modification.

Computer wiring loom needs alteration.


All the above modifications are covered in the instruction manual.


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