The T.G.Sports (1955)


What is included in the SBV?

The unpainted, unless otherwise ordered, fibreglass body is pre attached to the chassis. This includes the front and rear mudguards, doors, gas tank cover, the steel hood panels with their piano hinge, and the chrome on brass grill. The windscreen assembly is supplied but not fitted because of shipping case size.

Bumpers, bolts, with front and rear brackets.

All weather seals and sundry rubbers.


Burst resistant door catches and hinges, together with side intrusion panels.

Soft convertible top.

Glove box.

Fender welting, all fixed in place.

Windscreen wiper system, all fixed in place awaiting the donor parts.

All lights.

What is not included !

All Mazda Miata MX5 parts.

Windscreen glass.

Head light inners, because of LHD v RHD.

Instruments, because of MPH v KPH.

Engine management Computer , because, if using aftermarket, it is better to purchase locally for service and advise.

All items on the options list.