The T.G.Sports (1955)


Standard options (at no additional cost)


Door panel colour is either black or tan vinyl. Other colours on request

Carpet colour is either black or beige. Other colours on request.

Soft top colours are either black or tan. Other colours may be available, possibly at additional cost.

There are a few options when ordering the vehicle

Click on any underlined word to view a picture, or, there is a pdf file with photos of the TG accessories below available on request using the 'Email us' tab.

  1. Badge Bar Takes your car badges, small spotlights, or foglights.
  2. Badges, TG for wheel centres.
  3. Body paint colours, when choosing the body colour, our standard colours are, British Racing Green (BRG), Red, or Cream. Any colour is available, but you must give us the paint code from the firewall on a production car for identification.
  4. Bonnet/Hood and tank chrome strips. These are adhesive and run along the bonnet (hood) top, on the edge, and down the side of the dummy petrol (gas) tank.
  5. Brake and fuel lines, NEW. Prior advice of petrol tank, brake booster, master cylinder type is required. Photos needed.
  6. Bumper over-riders (view 1) (view 2) per each
  7. Clutch line extension
  8. Dashboard (view 1) (view 2), Burr veneer, with instrument and glovebox cutouts. Supplied with glovebox hardware. Generally supplied unvarnished to allow for staining to your colour choice, and also to allow small alterations for different model donor vehicle components. Can be varnished at extra cost.
  9. Flags epoxy flag badges, Union Jack (UK) or New Zealand available.
  10. Gear lever wooden
  11. Glovebox flocking, grey only, gives the inside a nice velvet appearance. This is a similar to a beige finish as in some cutlery drawers.
  12. Grill badges TG, additional to badge supplied on the TG SBV
  13. Hood material in BMW type material, colours available: blue, red, black, tan, additional cost
  14. Instruments (view 1) (view 2) set of 3, made in the USA. They are available in Black with white letters, White with black letters, or Cream with brown letters. There is also an indicator unit, that is, Left and Right turn, Hi beam, and Battery charge.
  15. Interior lights each, but 2 are ideal, one under dash and one in the boot (Trunk)
  16. Lockable Rear Luggage Area (view 1) (view 2)
  17. Mirrors, exterior, flat glass only.
  18. Petrol Tank. This a custom built (view 1) (view 2) petrol tank which gives a low profile in the rear of the car, cutting out the large bubble caused by the Mazda tank. Before your SBV chassis is built you must advise if this option required.
  19. Petrol caps, chrome (view 1) (view 2).
  20. Power steering, for relocating pipes and reservoir . Its all pretty tight under the bonnet (hood) and this will enable you to relocate easily.
  21. Radiator fan, attaches directly to the radiator.
  22. Radiator overflow bottle, the Mazda one cannot be used.
  23. Side Screen kit. This enables you to have the hood (soft top) down and not be blown out of the car when driving. Its side windows up driving.
  24. Seat belts, Black or Tan, available. These are sash lap combinations, check your regulations first.
  25. Spats for rear mudguard for protection against stone chips per pair. These are glued onto the leading edge of the rear mudguard, and are black crinkle finish.
  26. Spotlights.
  27. Steering wheel Wooden rim, Italian
  28. Switches illuminated, rocker per set. Set of 4 for countries that require an instrument dimmer (not supplied) to be installed otherwise set of 5. Mounts in the dash. Generally made up of interior lights, heater fan, hazard, spotlight, and for the 5th switch, accessory.
  29. Under Dash Panels including radio console.
  30. Vinyl additional yardage so MX5 seats can be covered to match. The SBV panels are covered in vinyl, so if you require a match for your seats this will enable you to get your local upholsterer to cover your Mazda seats.
  31. Wiper blades, 2 sizes 8 and 9. The TG uses both sizes.
  32. Wind deflectors per pair. These further cut down the side wind factor when driving.
  33. Windscreen washer universal with plastic jet.
  34. Windscreen washer jet in chrome. Most windscreen washers come with plastic washer jets, not a good look for a 1950s style car. This gives your car that period look.
  35. Luggage Carrier view 1, Luggage Carrier view 2 stainless steel complete with Hi-Stop light.
  36. Headlights sold as a pair.
  37. Hi-Stop light, complete with cover.
  38. Interior Mirror chrome.
  39. Number Plate Light plastic chrome.
  40. Side Repeaters LED.
  41. Tail - Stop-Indicator Lights sold as a pair
  42. Tail - Stop-Indicator Lights LED, sold as a pair
  43. Wiper Arms & Blades, sold as a set.
  44. Wire wheels Chrome set of 5, with Stainless steel spokes.
  45. Wiring loom for lights, dash, and engine start/ generator, not engine management.
  46. Mazda Miata MX5 suspension, steering column, handbrake system, PPF, Petrol tank system, fuel filter, brake and clutch master cylinder. all cleaned, modified, and painted.


    Suspension is cleaned and painted and is not reconditioned.
    As we are a RHD market we will be supplying MODIFIED front suspension, but unfortunately we have no access to LHD steering racks. Suspension is supplied ready for rack to be attached.

For full specifications refer to specs page