The T.G.Sports (1955)

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In the kit car industry, as with production cars, there is a full range of quality and features in the cars being offered. Each car has its place within this range, and each one meets the needs of a particular set of consumers.

We, here at TG Sports, are aiming our car at the high quality full-featured segment of the market - the segment that places a premium on having a vehicle that will maintain its driveability, appearance and value for many years to come. Although more expensive to purchase, we believe that our car provides better value, and speed of build than any other kit car of its type.

Here is a pdf file with an estimate of the building costs.

Following is a table explaining the dimensions along which different kit cars vary.







You can probably tell that we are proud of our cars and its quality. We will NOT compromise on quality. We try hard to present the car as quality and this has been reflected in customer remarks, magazine reports, and resale values.


As the world has got smaller with the Web we cannot provide pricing on these pages. We can, however reply to your E Mail request for pricing details.

See the contact page for relevant area details.